3 thoughts on “Is your ICE info in your trailer? It should be!

  1. This is a great idea. After a really good friend of mine was very badly injured in a fall from her horse on a long solitary trail ride (horse + bear = trouble), I started a campaign to get everyone to put ICE info not only in their trailers but also inside their helmets or attached to a tiny tag on their D-rings.
    That way random kind strangers would not have to run around trying to find out where the unconscious lady with brain damage came from and who to call.
    Sadly, the only person who thought this was a good idea was my friend, who accepted home-made tags from me the day she returned to riding after her nine months’ rehab.
    Everyone else was operating under the assumption that they were indestructible.

  2. This is a great idea! So true – and I must admit I’m as guilty as most others. I have ICE info in my wallet, but not in my horse trailer or anywhere on my person when I’m out on a trail ride. Just something that I never thought to do, as obvious as it should be. Thanks for bringing it up!

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