Horse Agility

What! No flames, no SUVs, no smoke?

I’ve seen a lot of “at liberty” videos on YouTube but I find this to be one of the most appealing. Coming out of Finland, this horseman has trained his horse to tackle a variety of obstacles with grace and a hearty sense of humor.

These two look like they are enjoying themselves. Check out the rest of the videos on this channel, too.

Time for me to have a talk with Freedom about our next project!

3 thoughts on “Horse Agility

  1. Definitely looks like the horses enjoy it! I like that the second video gives us some idea of how they train the horses. Wonder if they’ll add a teeter. =)

  2. Do you have photos I could use on my website on horse agility? I cannot find photos such as horse using tunnel, “a frame”, teeter, weave poles, etc.

    We have space here and are going to set up for horse agility and have compeitions as well as training.

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