What to do with your horse show ribbons

This was the first horse show ribbon quilt I'd seen. I was blown away!

I wish I’d known what to do with my old horse show ribbons. I used to have boxes of them. I remembered every class and every horse that I’d ridden, but it seemed pointless to keep them. Finally after one move I threw them away.

Now I realize that there were far better things to do with them than leave them at the dump!

Recently I saw my first ribbon quilt. I was just blown away. What a great way to showcase those ribbons.

Now, quilts are a fairly expensive way to showcase your ribbons unless you are very handy with a sewing machine. Here are a few more ideas that are less expensive.

Get into the holiday spirit and make a ribbon wreath.
Put the ribbons in bowls, jars and other glass containers and use them to decorate your table or shelves. You can also buy glass lamp bases that can be filled with ribbons. Photo courtesy of Sakurah Hill Farm.

If don’t want to keep your old ribbons, or only plan to save a few special ones, you can donate them to your local riding program (or therapeutic program) so they can hand them out when the kids do a good job.

9 thoughts on “What to do with your horse show ribbons

  1. I’ve seen the quilts before, but the wreath and the glass bowl ideas are creative! I have donated most of my old ribbons to organizations, but have kept any of the special ones and all of the ones from my National and World Championship shows. Right now they’re in boxes, just wasting away. I love the quilt idea, but I’m just not much of a quilt person…..Hmmmm……I’m seeing some craft projects in my future!

  2. I hope that you’ll take a look at my site – I’ve been making ribbon quilts for 5 years and they are really stunning. Plus, it’s not so expensive compared to how much we have paid to earn them! Really, what is another buck or two per ribbon after all those entry fees, trainers, board, farrier, vet, and so on…

  3. I know this is completely ridiculous, but I could get talked into showing and competing just so I could make the quilt! I love it.

    Granted it would all be white….(or stolen? Hmmm)

  4. Definitely check out http://www.goldstandardframes.com They have an online framing system expressly for horse ribbons.
    I wanted to frame my horse ribbons, but didn’t want a bulky plastic box, or a quilt. I wanted a piece of art that I could hang on the wall. I got that and more. The look is fabulous. The frame is museum quality. The price is that of a regular frame of the same size.
    What I liked about the site was that even though they have an online framing system, they’re also very friendly when you call up. I mean, I’m not a designer, I needed help. They’re designers so they helped with the placement of the ribbons.
    I also learned they frame buckles, medals and sashes. They said they’ll frame any horse memorabilia.
    It creates such a nice piece of story art. Everyone asks about my horses, who has unfortunately passed on. It keeps a part of him alive for me everyday. I love looking at the frame!

  5. Another way of using them is to hang them on a rod across a window top as a valance. My daughter has done this since she got her first ribbon. Then she started hanging them on the blinds too. There are too many now so I want to make a quilt!

    1. You should not hang the ribbons in the window or even in direct sunlight if you ever would want to make a quilt from them. The light not only fades them but also makes them too weak and brittle to be used in a quilt.

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