Prince Harry and polo pony hit the ground.

Prince Harry and his polo pony hit the ground.

Ah, it must be hard to be a high profile rider. Every time Tara Phillips has a fall it’s on the front page of the British tabloids. And now, Prince Harry is featured in a short sliding stop on his polo pony at the Sentebale Polo Cup. Too bad the stop was on his side.

Of course the headlines here have it wrong — he was thrown from his pony; they both fell. Glad they both seem alright.

The Sentebale Polo Cup was a benefit for the children of Lesotho and may have raised as much as £500,000.

As for Harry’s temper after the fall it is reported that he’d placed a bet the night before with someone who said he’d donate £50,000 to the charity if Harry fell off and £100,000 if he stayed on his horse during the match. Apparently the donor is a good sport and is going to donate the full £100,000 since the horse fell, rather than Prince Harry.

It makes me start to run the numbers in my head. If I was given £50,000 for all the times I fell off . . . or even for the times I fell off in public . . . that would mean . . . I could retire!

3 thoughts on “Prince Harry and polo pony hit the ground.

  1. It really irritates me that he doesn’t even check to see if his horse is OK.

    But I guess he has “people” for that.

  2. I reckon he was the one who made it unbalanced – the turn was much too tight and his weight was too far over.

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