The Literary Horse gave me an award!

The Literary Horse gave Equine Ink a Beautiful Blogger Award!

I’m very flattered that Jane at The Literary Horse has named us as one of her recipients of the Beautiful Blogger Award.

I’m flattered. And I’m stumped! As part of the award, I need to pass it along to other blogs that I think are worthy and she has already named many of the blogs that I would have chosen.

So, I’ll leave that part for later (I’m going to use this opportunity to “research” other horse blogs) and comply with the other rules. These include listing 7 things about yourself that my readers might not know about me.

  1. In addition to my addiction to horses I have a small addiction to yarn. I love to knit and crochet, partially because it’s soothing and partially because the yarn that’s available is so darn beautiful. Plus, compared to buying saddles, yarn seems like a bargain!
  2. Speaking of saddles, I’m still struggling with that addiction. While I wasn’t looking, my saddle count crept up to five. Yes, I know I’m down to one horse and for awhile I was holding steady at four. Currently I have a dressage saddle, two xc saddles, a treeless saddle, an A/P saddle and a WOW saddle (which I don’t like all that much but it’s so interesting I haven’t been able to part with it).  Shoot, that’s six saddles. I shouldn’t have counted them.
  3. I’ve had my own business since 1991. I finally realized that I wouldn’t have time to ride if I worked “regular” hours. This way, I can find time to ride when it’s light out. And, during hunt season I can arrange to be in a regular “meeting” on Tuesday mornings.
  4. For the past 8 years I’ve been part of a masters swim because the only other sport that I have even the smallest aptitude for is swimming. I’m completely inept at most sports.
  5. I like to read the Daily Mail. This is recent. In fact, it’s embarrassing. However there’s something strangely compelling about the stories they run.
  6. Mysteries, for me, are like candy. I probably read two a week.
  7. I wear cowboy boots almost all the time.

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  1. hey! I like knitting too! I’m not very good- mostly scarves- my mom is the expert in the family but I too love the yarn! I saw a picture on someones blog when I first started blogging (but I don’t remember who!) and I swear the horse was wearing a hand crocheted cooler! Have you seen any knitting or crochet patterns for horses! Those would definitely be for Mom! Love your blog- it gives me a good day’s reading as it’s raining again here in the South!

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