See the Rolex fences up close and personal

Visit the Rolex site to access an interactive version of this map.

This sounds cool.

For the sixth year SmartPak is sponsoring a free Rolex course walk.

Attendees will get the opportunity to see the course through the eyes of 2 of the country’s top event riders; Allison Sprenger and Amy Tryon. Allison will be riding Arthur and Amy has two mounts: Leyland and Coal Creek. The two will lead a guided tour through the perils of the most challenging cross country course in the U.S., offering their tips and tactics along the way.  Everyone is welcome to attend this incredible opportunity and attendees are encouraged to participate and ask questions along the way.

Wish I could go!

Sign up here. It’s free.

More about the Rolex Cross Country Course.

For the past 16 years the course designer for the Rolex Kentucky three day event has been Mike Etherington-Smith. The course is 6270 meters — almost 4 miles. The optimum speed is 570 meters per minute which makes the ideal time 11 minutes flat. The maximum time to complete the course is 22 minutes. There are 30 jumping efforts.

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