How to assemble the Micklem Multibridle

I could have used this when I first bought mine! I got a bunch of pieces in a plastic bag with no instructions.

Sure, I thought, how difficult can it be? I’ve put together any number of bridles in the past. Creating a side pull bridle was a piece of cake. Figuring out some of the other configurations was, well, more challenging. All I can say was I was glad to have a photograph from the website and a husband who is an engineer.

4 thoughts on “How to assemble the Micklem Multibridle

  1. This explains why I hated Pops bridle so much.

    It was a Micklem, but the bit was attached to the wrong set of rings, leaving the nose piece on the airway, and the bit far too high if you adjusted the nose piece correctly.

    I can see if properly fitted, this could be a wonderful bridle. Thanks for the A/V aid. 😉

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