Can Lukas set a World Record?

Lukas shows off his skills at recognizing numbers.

Lukas didn’t set any records on the track but he’s in contention for a record that measures his intelligence rather than his speed. Lukas, billed as the smartest horse in the world, is now working toward a world record in the category “Most numbers identified by a horse in one minute.”

On June 16, Lukas was able to identify a correct number at least 18 times.

Lukas is a 17-year old TB who was found emaciated and filthy in a backyard barn. He had bowed both front tendons as a 2-year old and, until he met owner Karen Murdock, he was struggling to find the right career.

Lukas has been listed on Yahoo, Google and the World Records Academy as “The World’s Smartest Horse.” He counts, spells, identifies shapes, discriminates colors and grasps the concepts of same/different, proportion and absentness, she said.

To be considered for the Guinness record, he had to point with his nose the correct number from 1 to 5 when Murdock called it out; the call-outs were random and non-sequential.

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