No charges in parasailing donkey incident

Here’s the good news — the donkey survived and was deemed to be “in good health” by a veterinarian.

There’s a lot more bad news.

Newspapers reported that the donkey was used to attract visitors to the beach.

On July 15th, a group of “business men” who wanted to attract visitors to a private beach in Russia, strapped a donkey into a parachute and took off. The donkey stayed aloft for about 30 minutes over the Sea of Azov and had a difficult landing when it was dragged through the water. Eye witnesses reported that the donkey brayed while in the air and seemed so distressed that children on the beach were crying. Several people took video.

But no one called the police.

How could anyone subject an animal to such a terrifying ordeal?

Even worse, police say they won’t charge the donkey’s owner because it suffered no physical injuries.

The donkey will not be making any more flights however. The British tabloid, The Sun, has reportedly bought the donkey — probably because they got to use the headline, “We saved her ass!”

4 thoughts on “No charges in parasailing donkey incident

  1. Why a terrified donkey with a parachute would *attract* visitors to a beach is beyond me. So is not calling the police.

    I’m frequently stunned when people declare they don’t believe animals “feel” things in the same manner as people. Yes and no. Their sensory nerves are highly developed. It’s likely they feel MORE than people do…and they have no way to put together “flapping fabric” with “might go in the sky” the way people do, to mentally help themselves with the terror.

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