I’m doing the rain dance

In many regards we’ve had a great summer. And I really shouldn’t complain when we’re enjoying sunny days, especially since the humidity has dropped.

So, why am I doing the rain dance? Because the ground is hard as cement and Freedom’s legs just don’t need that kind of concussion.

Last Friday we took a field trip to a state park that has amazing equestrian trails including cross country fences. I wanted to work on galloping a few fences as that’s something I’m still working up to with Freedom. We did jump but I realized as soon as we started out that even the big fields were just too hard to do too much.

I’m hoping that those Cavallo hoof boots offer an extra bit of padding. In fact, I’m even thinking of getting some Thinline pads to put inside them to provide some extra shock absorption.

In the meantime, I’m mostly walking him out on the trails — long slow walks are good for conditioning and relatively easy on the joints. Thank goodness we have a town ring with professional footing. It’s times like these when I really appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “I’m doing the rain dance

  1. A town ring?? Please elaborate. I am in the same boat. Wonderful fields, a nice jump course set up and I am worrying about the pounding hard clay ground. Do you really jump in your Cavallos?

  2. Even here in the (normally) rainy Northwest the ground gets rock hard this time of year. We don’t leave the arena. I’ve been fortunate with my current horse in that he’s been so sound, but then it pays to be careful. He’s 18 now and I plan to be riding him for some time to come!

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