Can your horse jump like this?

One fastest growing sports in Europe is rabbit hopping . . . coaxing bunnies to jump the equivalent of stadiumĀ  jumps.

When I was a kid I did similar courses with my dog, a standard poodle. While I was impressed with his athletic abilities (standard poodles are amazing athletes), these rabbits put him (and Freedom) to shame as they are jumping several times their own height.

Since no one could force a rabbit to jump, I suspect that they enjoy it. Certainly my dog would jump completely unescorted if he knew a treat would be forthcoming.

2 thoughts on “Can your horse jump like this?

  1. Funny finding this- what a creative exploration of a jumping athlete! go bunny go!
    I’m curious: are bunny jumping classes a purse sport or just for the athletic development of the rabbit?


  2. That’s too funny! Would you believe I taught my guinea pig to jump stuff when I was younger? My “fences” were considerably smaller, however. He was more than happy to do it for Cheerios :o)

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