Penny Chenery interview on Secretariat

The real Penny Chenery and Lucien Loren

There’s been a lot of discussion on the forums about the accuracy of the Secretariat movie. I saw it and enjoyed it. Sure, it wasn’t the most accurate portrayal, but then again, except for us hard core equestrians who would watch a move that was really all about Secretariat!

Here’s an interview with Penny Chenery that gives her take on the movie. This was aired on the Mike Rosen show on October 15th. The interviewers are kind of dolts and obviously know nothing about horses or racing, but Ms. Chenery is delightful. (Note: you should fast forward through the intro which goes on too long!)

3 thoughts on “Penny Chenery interview on Secretariat

  1. I saw the movie and liked it. I know it could have been more accurate but the tale is of a horse not all behind it. Riva Ridge was the savior of the farm. He won the Derby and the belmont. He didn’t like the muddy track for the Preakness. Or he would have been a triple crown champion. Penny said that Riva was her Golden boy. Secretariot was her Big Red.

  2. I have watched that movie several times over – I could tell you line by line verbatim. I realize Hollywood has it’s drama and glam – but the bottom line is….Secretariat WAS the greatest most amazing and beautiful horse there ever was! I get shivers everytime I watch his races; especially the Triple Crown! WOW, I would have given anything to be his groomer/owner! Penny had the heart that I have for horses! Thankfully for her, she has given us something to cherish in our hearts forever!

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