Colic: The human kind

I know have much more sympathy for horse that have coliced. Because, that’s essentially what has happened to me. I started to feel poorly on Friday, but thought it was some kind of GI bug. By Saturday afternoon I was surprised that I wasn’t feeling any better and by Sunday afternoon, I was at the emergency room. The verdict: a blocked bowel.

By then, I knew first hand some of the indignities suffered by horses. I’d had a tube inserted down my nose (I will never tube a horse without real empathy again) to fix the blockage from the other direction and I was facing abdominal surgery.

Currently the doctors are hopeful that my problem will resolve on its own. Not only do they predict I will I be spared surgery, but I am hopeful that I’ll be home before Christmas.  Being home will certainly be the best present.

5 thoughts on “Colic: The human kind

  1. Oh no! I hope it resolves very soon without surgery. Colic hurts. Shaun’s surgery this summer was for colic. In her case it was colic of the bile duct. GP couldn’t figure it out – didn’t take it very seriously. I kept insisting it looked (and felt, from all appearances) exactly like a colic. It got her to the place she needed to go, and she’s fine. Thank god for horse knowledge.

    Take care, and let us know how you are…

  2. I am sorry that’s what Shaun went through to — this is pretty miserable! I’m not one who to stay in bed so I knew I was pretty sick when Sunday afternoon rolled around. I’m hoping to go home on Thursday. Still leaves me time to get the tree up. Fingers crossed.

  3. Happily I am home. No surgery and I only had to go four days without eating or drinking. However, to prevent this from happening ever again I might live on clear liquids forever!

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