4 thoughts on “The Huddle

  1. Yes, thats why we should leave their manes, tails, ears and everything else alone! That’s their insulation for the winter.

  2. When I first saw the photo of these 3 horses, I loved it. Then, I started looking closely at the cold environment that they are in. Like the other comment above, I thought they must be cold, and huddled together to try and keep warm.

    So, I searched the Internet and found a great website with information on every aspect of miniature horse care, health, and breeding. You were right! They have enough hair and a thick layer of fat stored under their skin so that they do well down to nearly zero degrees. A picture can start a great learning conversation between people. Amazing.

    The website I found does have a lot of information about their great personality traits, which are wonderful. Check it out.

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