The Huddle

Miniature horses huddle in Montana
Okay, you take the far side of the field and run along the fence. I’ll intercept the hay bale on the right. Photo credit: Donna Ridgway,

4 thoughts on “The Huddle

  1. Yes, thats why we should leave their manes, tails, ears and everything else alone! That’s their insulation for the winter.

  2. When I first saw the photo of these 3 horses, I loved it. Then, I started looking closely at the cold environment that they are in. Like the other comment above, I thought they must be cold, and huddled together to try and keep warm.

    So, I searched the Internet and found a great website with information on every aspect of miniature horse care, health, and breeding. You were right! They have enough hair and a thick layer of fat stored under their skin so that they do well down to nearly zero degrees. A picture can start a great learning conversation between people. Amazing.

    The website I found does have a lot of information about their great personality traits, which are wonderful. Check it out.

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