Here’s a way to keep track of your saddle – Microchip it!

Here's what a pet (or saddle) microchip looks like -- amazing that so much can fit into something no larger than a grain of rice!

One of the consequences of the tight economy has been an increased number of stolen saddles. Keeping track of the serial numbers on your saddle can help, but there’s another inexpensive way you can “brand” your saddle as your own: insert a microchip into the flocking. That way you can definitively confirm that the saddle belongs to you.

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice. You can buy them for $15 from NetPosse, the organization that helps find stolen horses. They also sell syringes preloaded with microchips in case you’d like to chip your horse.

2 thoughts on “Here’s a way to keep track of your saddle – Microchip it!

  1. cool idea….I’ve been thinking about this as I am about to drop a bunch on a saddle and the tack room where I board has already been robbed once…..what if the panels are latex though?

    1. I suspect you can work that tiny microchip under the leather of the panel, even if the panels are foam.

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