Take the Purina Challenge

Purina 60 Day ChallengeHere’s a reason to try Purina feeds. The company has launched the Purina® 60 Day See the Difference Challenge, which encourages horse owners to see the difference Purina® feeds can make in how your animals look and feel.

Purina believes that after 8 to 9 weeks of feeding Purina, owners will see the following differences in their horses:

  • Improvements in palatability
  • Shiny hair coat
  • Improved body condition: increased muscle tone and increased lean muscle mass
  • Optimum hoof health
  • Better overall health
  • No supplements needed if feeding as directed

To try the program, or if you already feed Purina and want some coupons, go to www.PurinaDifference.com and register for a 60-day trial of Purina Feed.

I’ve been feeding Purina for 7-8 years now and have no complaints. Currently I feed one of their ration balancers, Enrich 32. And no, I don’t feed any supplements other than a joint supplement.

6 thoughts on “Take the Purina Challenge

  1. Purina (a perfectly good feed) needs help with their marketing.
    “owners will see the following differences in their horses:
    * Improvements in palatability”
    Means that the horse tastes better. I can’t help myself, I make my living with words. 🙂

  2. That cracked me up too! I wasn’t sure I wanted my horse to taste better. 😉
    I passed the info on to a friend. Not sure Hudson is a candidate. I’ll have to look at what feeds they have that are not sweet feeds. (He gets gonzo on sugar just like his owner) Thanks!

    1. Ultium is a low starch extruded feed. I used to feed that to my mare who was a hard keeper but went bonkers on anything with too much starch.

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