Allison Sprenger and Arthur on a winning streak

Allison Sprenger and Arthur
Allison Sprenger and Arthur lead after the first day of dressage. Photo by Lisa Slade.

Allison Sprenger and Arthur have started Rolex well and can only hope their winning streak continues. On Wednesday night Sprenger received the Dubarry Style Award for the best-dressed female at the first horse inspection (a new pair of boots) AND she won a drawing for a Rolex watch. This morning she continued that winning streak, laying down an unbeatable dressage test as the first ride of the morning. She and Arthur are in the lead with 42.3 penalty points.

Just for the record, the Durbarry award for the best dressed man went to Clayton Fredericks.

Tune in tomorrow for more dressage.

2 thoughts on “Allison Sprenger and Arthur on a winning streak

  1. I know very little about dressage, but that photo is great. The horse looks awesome and it makes me WANT to do dressage! I’ve never heard of a “best dressed award” either. Hm. Might be a dumb question, but don’t most of these riders look the same?! I mean, it’s not like a western event with all the variety of clothing…I wonder what determines WHO is best dressed?

    1. The “best dressed” award was for how the riders were dressed when the presented the horses for inspection. You are right, in the ring, they do all dress the same!

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