Hats off to Mary King for her impressive Rolex win!

Mary King & King's Temptress win RolexA belated round of applause for Mary King who not only won Rolex on Kings Temptress (a horse she bred) but also came in second on Fernhill Urco. This was the first time in the history of Rolex that a rider has taken the top two spots and is one of only four riders to finish first and second at a CCI4*. The others are Ian Stark (Badminton 1988), Mark Todd (Burghley 1987) and Blyth Tait (Burghley 1998).

Mary is also the first rider in modern times to win a 4* on a home bred horse, and at 49 she is also the oldest female rider to win a 4*.

Go Mary!

Here’s her winning stadium round.

One thought on “Hats off to Mary King for her impressive Rolex win!

  1. Wow. Thanks for posting, I missed this. Congratulations are in order indeed! Quite a bit of talent and darn hard work. That horse looks like he could jump most people right out of the tack…

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