EHV-1 Virus forces junior rodeo queens onto stick ponies

rodeo queens had to ride stick horsesThe outbreak of the neurological strain of the equine Herpes virus (EVH-1) has caused the cancellation of many equestrian events in the states most affected and caused some, er,  interesting adaptations.

stick horses
The only horses in the arena were in this bucket.

Take, or example, the contestants at the Davis County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Junior Queen Contest were not allowed to ride their horses in their competition. Instead, they were given “stick ponies” to ride!

The event had already been postponed for a week to see if the quarantine would be lifted but with no end in sight, organizers went for a horse alternative. I have to give these girls credit for showing the poise and determination to trot around the arena riding toys. I’m not sure I would have had the gumption at that age. Especially riding the purple horse.

Click here to watch the video.

One thought on “EHV-1 Virus forces junior rodeo queens onto stick ponies

  1. Brilliant! I just had a laughing fit and sprayed water all over my keyboard 🙂

    I think I’d be better off on a stick horse after my terrifying riding lesson last week…

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