Totilas makes it to Wall Street

TotilasWell, at least to the Wall Street Journal.

The 11 year old stallion is, as far as I can tell, the only horse to merit a feature article in the business journal. But then again, Totilas is big business for dressage.

Not only has he given the discipline of dressage a much needed boost of interest, apparently he has also spawned a number of commercial products: Totilas tee shirts are all the rage!
As for the horse himself, the WSJ reports that he doesn’t live quite like other horses:

Unlike the other horses there, he lives in a padded stall so he won’t hurt himself and has two bouncy balls for play during his downtime. Before and after daily training sessions, he relaxes in his solarium—a roomy stall with infrared heat lamps to loosen the stallion’s muscles. Once, when someone tried to put a horse in the stall next to the solarium, Totilas pitched a fit until the offending equine was removed.

At night, his stall and barn are locked and a patrolman keeps watch outside. A camera overlooks his stall for extra security. Every two weeks, he sees an acupuncturist.

Next, he’ll be demanding a better view!

2 thoughts on “Totilas makes it to Wall Street

  1. Probably not. I’d say he’s hand-grazed. Too much risk of him hurting himself if they turn him out free.

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