Who is this rider? And why is he jumping backwards?

Rodrigo Pesso jumping backwards
I would suggest you not try this at home!

When I was a kid we did all kinds of wild and crazy things jumping our horses. No hands, no reins, no saddle. But I never tried jumping riding backwards and I have never jumped a fence this large in any direction.

The rider? Rodrigo Pessoa. Just goes to show that he’s balanced however he’s sitting on a horse.

3 thoughts on “Who is this rider? And why is he jumping backwards?

  1. I have always been a fan of Rodrigo. I love to watch him ride, I would kill to ride in a clinic with him. I think his most daredevil riding was aboard Tommy and not backwards on this horse. That all said I really think that kudos go the the HORSE for being a good boy. Apparently a very well schooled good boy.

  2. For the record, is this the same guy who wore the Katy Perry cupcake bikini at the LA Master’s (charity class) last fall? Aren’t there several Pessoas? That family has a lot of creativity and daring.

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