No rider required: This horse knows its job!

This cutting horse certainly doesn’t need any help from a rider! Cutting horses are impressive. They just intuitively know which way a cow will run and manage to get their first. My impression is that these horse are bred with cow sense — it’s not something you can teach.


6 thoughts on “No rider required: This horse knows its job!

  1. My husband took his horse to a cattle ranch and they let him try cutting a cow. It was amazing. My husband didn’t know what to do and his horse (a Paint) had never been with cattle before but the horse “got” it. My husband just went along for the ride – and his horse was having a blast. (just found your site. love it)

  2. As a dressage rider I am fascinated by the cow cutters and reiners. Such amazing athleticism! I giggled at how much fun that horse was having and at how he swung around in 90 degrees on one hind foot to catch that cow from returning to the herd- try to stay on during that one!

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