Kelsey Lefever gets off with probation

According to the Paulick Report, Kelsey Lefever, who allegedly sold ex-racehorses to slaughter after promising to find them homes, appears to have taken a plea agreement that will result in probation.

Another report, on states that Lefever has applied to the first offender program that would keep her out of the horse business for the next two years. As part of the deal, Lefever would be barred for life from obtaining a Pennsylvania thoroughbred racing license, which would keep her from participating in the race horse industry in any manner but after the two year ARD program was completed, she would be allowed to continue in the horse business outside of the racetrack.

It really sucks that someone who bragged about sending at least 120 horses to slaughter could get off with a slap on the wrist. Assistant district attorney Francis Chardo II said that because she is a “first offender” sentencing guidelines would likely result in probation.

First offender? Not likely. Just the first time she’s been caught.
My only hope is that the publicity this case has received and the outrage it caused among the horse community will help increase people’s awareness and maybe save a few horses from going to these bogus “forever” homes.
Seriously folks, if you are asking $1 for your horse you are inviting the scammers to call you. Don’t ever give your horse away to a stranger. Make sure you get references, make sure you sign a contract, and if possible follow up with a visit. I know the economy is tight but if you price your horse above the current “per pound” rate you give it a much better chance of going to a real home instead of giving them a one way ticket to Canada or Mexico.

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  1. I believe ‘what goes around comes around’ – she will face the consequences of her cruelty, one way or another.

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