18″ Stackhouse jumping saddle sadly for sale

Stackhouse Jumping Saddle
This Stackhouse jumping saddle is 18″ with a M/W tree. It features extra forward flaps for riders with long legs! The stirrup bars are set back so it does not put you in a chair seat. In fact, it’s one of the most balanced saddles I’ve ridden in.

It is with great regret that I am selling my David Stackhouse jumping saddle. This was my dream saddle. It has extra forward flaps for the long-legged rider and a medium wide tree for my stocky TB. When I first bought it I was amazed by how well it fit Freedom and how it put me in the most balanced and secure position over fences. You sit in that saddle and your legs are just right where they should be!

Unfortunately, over the last 18 months Freedom has changed just enough so that it no longer fits him properly. This is a newer Stackhouse that has foam panels. The only way for me to “fix” it would be to do a foam to wool conversion and I’m just not up for it right now.

This is a saddle that will make someone else very happy! Price $1600 (includes shipping to the lower 48 states). These saddles retail for $4K + so here’s your chance to get a quality saddle at a great price.

I’ve taken a number of photos but am happy to take more or provide measurements.

Stackhouse jumping saddle seat
The saddle is in very nice used condition. There is some slight discoloration on the seat and minor, minor rubs. There are three small nicks on the cantle. It has a flat seat which makes it an ideal xc saddle because it is not too restrictive.
Stackhouse jumping saddle
There are pencil sized blocks under the flap.
Stackhouse billets
The billets still have a lot of life in them. I also had the saddle completely checked over by my saddle fitter and the tree is solid.
Stackhouse jumping saddle Front
The tree is a M/W (stamped on the stirrup bar). It fits very true to size.


Stackhouse jumping saddle gullet
The saddle has a nice wide gullet so will sit nicely over your horse’s spine.

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