Arabian horse swims two miles out to sea!

Arabian horse rescued at seaWilliam, an William an Arabian horse owned by Mindy Peters was spooked by waves on a Santa Barbara, Calif. beach during a photo shoot. He threw his rider but instead of running inland to safety, he ran into the water and started swimming!

He was involved in a photo clinic but appeared to have been spooked by the waves. He reportedly unseated his rider and ran, heading for the surf. Although the harbor patrol was summoned right away, the 6-year old gelding swam two miles out to sea (heading toward oil rigs) before firefighters aboard a rescue boat hooked the gelding’s reins with a boathook and were able to bring him alongside the boat.

Once they caught William, rescuers were able to attach a tow line under the horse’s saddle and pull him back to shore.

Other than being tired (he was in the water for nearly three hours), a veterinarian reported that he was in good shape.

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