Beating the heat

Freedom stayed inside to stay cool
Freedom stayed inside to stay cool and I helped him out by sponging him off. Unless it’s hot out, he’s never inside.

Three days of temperatures in the mid to high 90s with high humidity had people and animals alike searching for a way to cool off.

Freedom spent most of his time inside. His stall is in a bank barn and although I can’t remember the last time I actually put him in his stall (he hates to be stalled), I could barely get him out of it! Definitely, it was definitely the coolest place to be.

To help him stay comfortable I hosed him down a few times during the day, tried to keep his stall clean, and tried to get him to drink as much as possible — I kept the water as cool and clean as possible and soaked his grain until it was soupy.

What do you do to help your horse beat the heat?

3 thoughts on “Beating the heat

  1. Fortunately we don’t have to deal with humidity very often but it does get hot. We bring the horses into the barn and hose down the brick aisle to keep the temperature low.

    1. Soupy beet pulp. Cold hose. This week I am going to hose her off right before I tack up. It has been many years since it was so hot everyday that I did that!

  2. Virginia humidity is just gross! so stall fans and lots of em!
    mmm soupy beet pulp sounds good. ill give that a try. do you cook them first?

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