Replacing a seat on a saddle

Saddle with a damaged seat
I like everything about this saddle except the condition of the seat.

There are certain saddles that I’ve regretted selling. Maybe they went with a horse, maybe my current horse outgrew it, but I remember how much I liked riding in them.

I came across one of those saddles on eBay recently. It is in nice condition (they don’t make them like the old ones anymore) except for the seat. It was inexpensive, to boot.

The problem is that it’s darned difficult to replace the seat on a saddle. You basically need to take the entire saddle apart to do it. I’ve seen estimates that range from $400 to $800 for the repair.

Here’s a great blog article from Kit Hazleton that describes the process (and which will make you take excellent care of your saddle and stop riding in jeans).

Seating Assignment

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