How many saddles do you need for each horse?

Ainsley Chester
This is the saddle I bought over the summer. It’s an “oldie but goodie” from Ainsley.

I’m probably the wrong person to ask because at last count I have 8 saddles and one horse. However,  I’ve always thought of saddles as an investment. A good saddle holds its value and if you buy used, you may well be able to resell it at a profit when you no longer need/want it.

I also enjoy trying different saddles. They all have slightly different balance points and put you in different positions — that’s why I have a couple of jumping saddles, a dressage saddle, a treeless saddle and an a/p saddle. I sold two saddles over the summer and only  bought one, so I guess I’m ahead of the game!

Here’s a quote from someone on the Chronicle of the Horse who said it best:

You need AT LEAST four saddles per horse, surely? the saddle that you actually ride in; the saddle that used to fit but doesn’t now but might someday; the saddle that never fit and never will but you can’t bring yourself to part with; and the saddle you bought to do a different discipline in but never got around to learning.

So, how many saddles do you have?

2 thoughts on “How many saddles do you need for each horse?

  1. Two for three horses. I have a Lech Proli dressage saddle I’ve had for years – it came with my old horse Noble who died at age 30 two years ago – it’s been reflocked, and with some shimming fits my Dawn. I ride Pie and Red in an About the Horse Western trail saddle that is a delight – it’s designed to have a balanced seat and rides just like a dressage saddle but provides just a bit more protection against sudden moves. I’ve had many other saddles but have sold them.

  2. At the moment, one, but my barn owner tried to give me one that doesn’t fit me, and i have my eye on a used one at the tack shop. If I only have $600 lying around…

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