How many horses do you need?

The times when I’ve had two horses in the past it often felt a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to keep two horses going and in shape. So, why am I thinking of doing it again?

Well, to be fair, this would only be temporary. I’ve been asked to foster a horse for CANTER New England for a few months and to help start him toward a non-racing career. (See what happens to me when I go to Equine Affaire? Some people come home with a few blankets or a saddle pad. Me, I get the opportunity to bring home a horse!)

This particular horse ended up in the kill pen at the New Holland auction — luckily, he was identified and CANTER paid the fees to bail him out and then had him shipped back north. Now he needs to learn a new job.

I’m a sucker for OTTBs. These horses have generally tried their best and deserve a chance at a second career. A horse with more than just race training has a much better chance of finding a good home because lots of people don’t want a horse that’s just off the track.

To me, the retraining process is part of the fun. Retraining an OTTB is not the same as starting with a completely green horse but they do need to understand that their job has changed. Luckily, horses that have raced generally have a good work ethic and the desire to please.

I’m going to go see the horse later this week and see if he’d fit into our little herd. Check back later this week to what happens!

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