Time for a new blanket!

Freedom's scarf
This is all that was left of Freedom’s blanket. Quite a fashion statement, don’t you think?

Sunday morning Freedom found a way to turn his Kensington blanket into a Kensington scarf. While he was adequately clothed when my barn-mate fed, when she returned from a short ride the carcass of the blanket lay discarded on the ground and Freedom looked rather pleased with his abbreviated clothing.

Of course, he did it while no one was watching so it’s hard to imagine just exactly how he managed to completely shred it.

He was, thankfully, unscathed.

The blanket is well beyond repair.

I guess it’s a good thing that it’s almost spring and he won’t need the blanket. And I’ll have plenty of time over

The remains of Freedom's blanket
The remains of Freedom’s blanket

the summer to find a new one at a good price.

This particular blanket survived three winters. How long do your blankets last? Is your horse a blanket destroyer?

3 thoughts on “Time for a new blanket!

  1. Houston’s Medium Weight WB Taka just recently bit the dust. I am hoping it might be repaired but not counting on it. Just bought a Rambo so heres hoping it lasts more than one season!

  2. Luckily, Hudson loves his jammies, and would slay any dragon (horse) who tried to help him out of it. Also luckily, no more need to blanket, we have night temps in the 40’s, and he’s not clipped. Hair Season, finally! 🙂

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