iPhone vs. Horse

These photos were posted by a Reddit user who wrote: “My sister got kicked by a horse. Her iPhone 5 took most of the hit . .

The sister got away with a bruise. The iPhone? You can see for yourself that it took the brunt of it. Note to self: keep iPhone in protective case and stay out of kicking range.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to your phone at he barn?

iphone4 iphone3 iphone2 iPhone kicked by horse

One thought on “iPhone vs. Horse

  1. My old school Nokia brick fell out of my pocket during a barrel pattern at a saddle club show once. I didn’t realize I had lost the phone until the next day when I couldn’t find it. It had landed face down in the arena and been stepped on. Other than a dent in the battery cover, it was completely fine! It lasted longer than mine and my jumper mare’s barrel career!

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