What to wear when you forget your costume . . .

Apparently, the answer is . . . . NOTHING!

This rider was at a show jumping competition in Bourg-en-Bresse, France. The class was supposed to a costume class, but the rider D. Ribot did not have a costume ready. The judge told him to compete naked (we can assume it was a joke). He did.

Although I cringed for him over some of the landings, it’s an impressive performance. Now, can he still father children?

5 thoughts on “What to wear when you forget your costume . . .

    1. If I had a body like this and his riding abilities, I’d have no problem with showing my assets either!

    2. Sorry, but I do not find this disgusting. In fact I find it quite beautiful. However, why was it allowed, and what were there no complaints from the spectators?

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