How has this weather affected your horse’s hooves?

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Click on the photo to read this article from farrier Roland Thompson about hooves and weather.

We’ve had hot, humid and often wet weather the past few weeks. This means that our horses are standing inside more often than not, that when they are outside they are standing in mud, and the bottom line is it hasn’t been good for their hooves. Even when you clean the stalls twice a day, they are still standing in muck. Freedom has some thrush that I’m now treating and I’m redoubling my efforts to keep his feet clean and dry.

I’ve found that pelleted bedding is better at absorbing the excess moisture (i.e., urine). Do you have any tips?

4 thoughts on “How has this weather affected your horse’s hooves?

  1. I have had the worst time this year with my new horse (a 4 year OTTB) and his feet.
    He was 100% perfect at his PPE back in April and since then has been on again off again lame due to his deteriorating feet. We opted to pull his shoes after he had 3 abscesses in the same foot (we also had it x-rayed just in case). He had a full month of Farrier’s formula and venice turpentine as often as I could apply it and we decided to tack shoes on yesterday. We’ll see what happens. My awesome farrier said he’s seen some terrible feet this year because of the weather!

  2. I’ve been feeding flaxseed for about a year now and it’s helped alot. My horses are barefoot–have been for years–and I clean their feet everyday and treat with antifungal when it’s wet out. Listerine or generic equivalent works well as preventive care. I like Fungicide (the pink stuff) it doesn’t stain and you can “spill” some over the bulbs into the fur beneath the pastern to prevent scurf.

    1. I agree with the flax. I think it’s made a difference in Freedom’s hooves for sure. That and MSM. I think I’m going to have to start using something for preventive care. Listerine is a good idea.

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