Zelda gets a hair cut

Zelda's Before Mane
Zelda in her before state. Her mane is so thick that it was hanging down on both sides.

It was time for Zelda to get a beauty treatment. She’s a pretty girl but the unkempt look wasn’t showing her best side.

I love my thinning comb. In just a few minutes Zelda went from shaggy to chic. It’s amazing how much easier this than using the traditional “pulling” technique.

Zelda's mane
Here’s the handful of hair that came off her mane.

I ended up with a good handful of mane. I’m sorry that the birds are no longer building their nests because this would be primo nesting material. There’s a cozy layer of horse hair in most of the nests that line our barns.

Zelda after
Zelda with her new short haircut looking spiffy.

If I were planning to braid her mane I’d have to thin it too as she has the thickest mane I’ve seen in a long time. But this is a good start — it shows off her neck and makes her look so much more put together!


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