County Eventer Saddle for Sale

Sometimes even I have too many saddles! I’m going to part with a few this spring after I finalized the saddle fitting process two weeks ago.

First saddle to go is this lovely County Eventer. It’s got a 17″ seat and medium tree. This is a really comfortable and balanced saddle that is ideal for lower level eventing, foxhunting and flatting. Technically it’s an all purpose saddle, but it’s cut more like a jumping saddle. County saddles are extremely well made and horse friendly. They feature soft, wool flocked panels and a wide gullet.

This saddle is probably 10-12 years old but is in very good condition. The billets are still strong and the tree is solid. It is missing the billet guard on one side but otherwise, there are no problems. It’s definitely a used saddle but there are no scrapes or dings and the leather is soft and flexible. It is a dark brown color.

The tree is a medium and may fit a bit wide.

The saddle has lots of D-rings for saddle bags, etc.

Price $825 plus actual UPS ground shipping costs. Send me a message through the comments if you are interested!










6 thoughts on “County Eventer Saddle for Sale

  1. That is a good value! Unfortunately I have two saddles right now and zero horses, but I LOVE my County Stabilizer. I’m very impressed with the County brand and would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone in the equestrian blogosphere jump in and try out this saddle. Comfort-wise, if it’s anything like mine, it will be amazing.

    P.S. I even had a German dressage trainer who confessed he didn’t like hunt seat saddles tell me he was impressed with my County. Said it was very comfortable.

  2. I forgot one other thing about why I love my County. As my horse aged and his back changed, I was able to have a saddle fitter add more wool and kind of customize the shape so it fit my TB better. He actually had to build up one side a little more than the other. I don’t believe that would have been possible with many of the other popular saddle brands because they don’t use wool on the inside.

  3. That saddle looks really nice, I can’t afford it at all, but if I could, I would definetly buy it! Money is hard to come by for an equestrian, and even harder for a young rider with no job!!!

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