Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Horse Slaughter…

This article was linked to in one of the comments on Equine Ink, but I think it covers such an important topic that I’m reblogging it here. I had no idea that 70% of the horses who end up at slaughter houses are Quarter Horses. Certainly, I’m aware of the risks run by Thoroughbreds who are no longer racing, and the sad prospects of horses who are given away for free or short money on places like Craig’s List.
Sadly, the horses who are at the most risk are the ones who are healthy, young and unmanageable. The slaughter houses don’t want horses that are old, sick or very thin. Those are the horses that the pseudo rescues use to raise money, telling readers that their dollars are saving them from slaughter, when in fact, they are just opening up slots for other horses to get shipped in their place.

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