Foal Patrol Season 3

Foal Patrol

Now this is the kind of reality TV that I can get behind. The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame is running a third season of Foal Patrol, an interactive web project. Foal Patrol allows viewers to get an “up close and personal” look at some of the mares and foals at major […]

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Dressage in Infrared. Way Cool!

Dressage in Infrared

Check out the heat patterns on this horse while performing a variety of dressage movements. The horse‚Äôs body surface emits infrared radiation that can be detected by an infrared camera, which is both easy and inexpensive to use. The camera produces a coloured image that shows the variation in surface temperature across the area investigated. […]

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Horsing around with Hyacinth

Keeping up Appearances

Take a few minutes and have a good laugh! These episodes from Keeping Up Appearances that involve horses are hilarious.

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When Olympic jumps were HUGE

At the '68 Olympics the fences were 7'3"

At the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico, the tallest fences were 7’3″. That was back in the “old days” before the maximum heights were lowered. This year featured the largest jumps in any Olympic competition. Imagine then, riding a 14.1″ Connemara-TB cross around that course. Marion Coakes, riding her super pony Stroller, did just that, […]

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Dressage test chaos

What’s the worst thing that’s happened during one of your dressage tests? For me, it was when an Amish horse and buggy drove down the road next to the arena. My poor horse had never seen a horse and carriage before and immediately turned into a giraffe. That experience pales in comparison to what Imogen […]

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My Resolutions for the New Year

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but 2018 involved so much angst — my accident, my mother breaking her hip, my father recovering from a fall, my stepfather’s illness — that I’m going to make an exception this year. I’m planning a better 2019 and I’m hoping that the universe will comply. My resolutions […]

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Dr. Peyo Heals Hospital Patients

When I was in the rehab unit last February, a therapy dog came to visit twice a week. It was a beautiful standard Poodle, but by the time he reached me, he didn’t seem that interested in offering comfort; he just wanted to go home. If only I’d been in France. Then, maybe I could […]

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The Best Horse Chase Ever

Some days you just have to watch people riding fast. The legendary “cliff ride” in the Man from Snow River (1982) still stands as the most impressive horse chase scene in the movies. While many people assumed the ride was faked, actor Tom Burlinson (Jim) has confirmed that he did the ride himself. Burlinson wasn’t […]

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