Zelda The Supervisor

What job would your horse have if she were human? Zelda would be a supervisor. No matter what you are doing — picking up manure, washing the water tank, fixing a fence — she is right there, staring over your shoulder, making sure you are doing it “right.”

Zelda the Supervisor
Zelda wanted to make sure that Chris was wrapping the tree properly. I think he was surprised that she took such an interest in his task.

Curly could care less what the humans get up to, especially if there is grass available. Freedom would come to say hello if you were out in the field, but showed no particular interest in what you were doing. Not Zelda. She watches you carefully, not in the way of someone who wants to learn how to do something. Nope. She’s got that covered. She’s pretty sure that without her oversight, nothing will be done properly.

Several times almost pushed me into the water tank while I scrubbed it. She always follows me while I clean the paddock and, recently made sure that the owner of the new barn was doing a good job while putting wire around the base of a tree. If only I could get her to shoulder some of the work! Of course, she’d tell me that she’s busy enough keeping all the humans in line.

What would your horse’s job be if they were human?

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