Jockey Not Required

Howgreatisnate leads the field in the Gotham

Howgreatisnate? Pretty fantastic. The previously undefeated three year old showed he knows the drill as he blasted around the Gotham without a jockey. Nate stumbled at the break, losing jockey J.D. Acosta. But that did not stop him. After picking himself up, the colt rallied with an impressive run to the front of the field, finishing the 1 1/16 mile race in second place. He was beaten by a late run from long-shot Raise Cain.

Although Acosta reported being kicked in the helmet during the fall, he walked off the track under his own power and says he’s fine, although a little sore. Howgreatisnate, was fine.

“He was fresh and a little too eager and he outbroke himself coming out of the gate. He pushed so hard his front feet went underneath him and he just went down. He came out OK. He got a little scrape on his pastern and we’re keeping an eye on it, but other than that he looks good. If he’s good in the next two or three days and there’s no issues or inflammation, I’ll look to run him right back.”

“As bad as it was, it was kind of funny at the eighth pole when that horse went to run by him and he dug back in to run with him,” Simoff said. “It looked like he was pulling up, but when he saw that horse on the outside he dug back in. I was proud of him for that.

Andrew Simoff, Trainer
Howgreatisnate proved his racing spirit in the Gotham.

One thought on “Jockey Not Required

  1. Oh, I love to see things like this. Not to see anyone hurt, mind you…no one wants that. But to see a horse run his race without someone on his back…it shuts the anti horse sport people up big time. I’ve seen showjumpers do this, too. Drop the extra weight on their back and then run the race or to the jumps! I can just hear them thinking, Oh, HEY, this is MUCH easier without that guy on my back!!
    I especially how howgreatisnate stay in lane, stay out of the slop until he got to the front and then, as you said, dug in and hung on when challenged.
    The funny thing is, while watching it, I had this urge to reach out and made a stab at catching his rein. As the JOCKEY on the horse beside him…. I would never be an outrider, they have an incredibly imoportant job and they have to be able to flat ass ride….
    The one thing that always worries me is the horse getting a foot over his rein, or stepping on it..yeesh.
    THanks, this was a fun video.

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