California Chrome Cruising at Belmont

Here he is, in his last breeze before the upcoming Belmont Stakes. California Chrome looks powerful and bursting with energy.

It would be so awesome to see another Triple Crown Winner. I didn’t realize, when I watched Affirmed win the Belmont back in 1978 that it would become an almost impossible feat.

Here’s hoping that California Chrome breaks the dry spell.

2 thoughts on “California Chrome Cruising at Belmont

  1. Wonderful article Liz! I was just a young teen when I watched the great Secretariat win the Triple Crown. I had a gut feeling then and I have the same feeling now with California Chrome. Can not wait to see him win it!

  2. Oh my gosh! I got ANOTHER Tweet from CalChrome yesterday and you would have thought I was one of the One Direction girls. He said “You can Tweet me anytime.” LOL! Whoever is doing his social media is a genius. And hilarious.

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