Still doodling after all these years

Early horse drawing
I recently came across this drawing. I was probably about five when I made it. Okay, so my artistic talent hasn’t improved much since then, but it definitely shows that I have always loved horses!

When I was a kid, I drew horses. I drew them on my notebooks, on pads — anywhere and everywhere.  They were never very good, but that didn’t stop me. Looking back at them now, I can say they were, well, sweet.

For all you who, like me, still doodle horses, here’s a video that shows you how to get a more satisfactory results.

One thought on “Still doodling after all these years

  1. I drew horses all the time too. I have never been able to make them look real so I’ve settled for a cartoonish version. Once in a while I draw one on my whiteboard at school and my students make such nice compliments that you’d think I was Sam Savitt. I love that you saved your doodle!

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