Suffolk Downs Open House Sept. 27

Freedom hunt
Freedom says that OTTBs from Suffolk Downs make awesome hunt horses! Here he is after the hunt last Saturday.

It’s official: with the “no” on the casino from the Gaming Commission, Suffolk Downs officials have announced that the track will close for good at the end of this meet on October 4th.

CANTER New England has stepped up to help trainers find good placements for the 100-plus horses on the backside that trainers can’t carry through the winter. CANTER is hosting an open house at Suffolk on Saturday Sept. 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. so that prospective buyers can visit the backstretch barns and meet the horses in search of homes. There will be CANTER volunteers on site to assist with lining up transportation resources, to escort buyers on their search for trainers and available horses and to answer any questions about the transition process from track to farm life.

As part of this re-homing effort CANTER New England is pleased to announce that Dover Saddlery will provide buyers purchasing a Thoroughbred from Suffolk that day with a starter kit that includes a halter, lead rope and a gift certificate to the Dover Saddlery. Dover Saddlery has been a longtime supporter of CANTER New England and many associated with the store have purchased horses from Suffolk Downs in the past.

If you have been considering an OTTB but have been hesitating–now is the time to move!  There will be SCORES of horses for sale — check out the link to the Open House Flyer and you will be amazed at some of the lovely prospects that are available at incredibly reasonable prices.

Most of all, CANTERNE asks you to SHARE THE NEWS with fellow horse lovers!  Many horses will need homes and we need your support to help all of them.  Let’s make this into a happy ending for the horses!

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