Looking for a Special Horse

lazyponyGotta love this woman’s sense of humor!

I am looking for a very very quiet, dead broke small “boring” gelding for my daughter’s first horse. It can be ugly as hell or have a hiccup in it’s walk I don’t care just as long as it takes care of my daughter. Something that almost hates life if it has to do an extended trot.

I want something that sits on the couch in nothing but boxers for 3 days watching Seinfeld reruns covered in Cheetos crumbs and be the happiest thing alive doing it. Perhaps like your lazy ex husband? I want western pleasure useless can’t do anything athletic movement. My daughter is 4 years old and WILL encourage speed and naughty things and scare the you know what out of me!! She is very outgoing and has no problem getting after a lazy horse! She has some riding experience and is ready for something dead quiet to carry her around the arena on her own.

I DO NOT want a “show pony” I do not care about one upping Mrs. Jane Doe and her daughter’s imported Cob welsh section blah blah gypsy vanner, Friesian, dressage world class Westphalia.. Whatever… No. We want old scar face that killed a cougar once in his younger days and now has nothing to prove.

Must load into a trailer. No set price range, I already stated no show ponies so please don’t post any. Don’t post anything that “with a bit of training” No. I want something so lazy it doesn’t “need training” Lol

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  1. Ohhh that’s hilarious. I wonder if you could please update us on her progress in finding such a horse? 🙂

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