6 thoughts on “How horses end up at auctions

  1. So true, so sad. My Zeus was one of the lucky ones. A former reining horse, lame in hocks and navicular up front, and I guess too costly to retire, he was run through 2 auctions before I rescued him on his way back to New Holland. He’s a good soul and a great trail horse now. They don’t deserve that end.

    1. I fostered a horse for CANTER NE who had a long, successful career. Through no fault of his own (and most likely his trainer was duped, too) he ended up at the New Holland auctions. Still sound after 90-some starts.

    1. Thank you! It’s so important to spread the word. I think lots of people assume that “good” horses never fall through the cracks.

  2. this makes me sad 🙁 but i agree that it’s critical to consider this chain of events and how a horse’s future might be affected by the decisions we make

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