Zelda makes me smile

XC school
I haven’t had a lesson in about a year but boy did those eyes on the ground help! Stephie Baer runs a great XC school and the whole experience was a confidence builder.

I love it when your horse makes you look good. You know, when they behave themselves and it looks like you can ride?

I took Zelda for a cross country schooling adventure and she was a star! My expectations were modest. I wanted to jump some small fences, get some eyes on the ground and see if I could get her through the water complex (on some of our Hunter Paces, Zelda has preferred to jump the water rather than go through it). It ended up as a real confidence builder. Since I mostly ride alone, I don’t generally push her to jump much on the trails. Now I know she’s willing and able.

In the water
Zelda didn’t hesitate to walk (and trot) into the water. It didn’t hurt that it was a hot day and the water looked inviting. I was mostly worried that she was going to roll in it.

Zelda walked off the trailer, looked around, and went to work. She figured out that this job was pretty fun and basically, if I aimed her at a fence, she went right over it — straight, willing and without any fuss or bother. Basically, she was a point and shoot type of horse.

As for the water complex? She walked into it like she’d been doing it for years (it was hot and I had a strong feeling that she would lie down and roll in the water if given half a chance). Then trotted through it, leaving a wake that would make a small boat proud, and jumped out up the small bank. The only

Water complex
You can see the water complex behind us, along with some of the jumps. This was a great course where you could pick the level where you felt comfortable. I started small and then asked her for a bit more when I realized she was going to be so good.

time she hesitated was when we jumped down into the water. Can’t say that I blame her as I wasn’t so sure of that myself. In fact, I handed over my cell phone to a spectator in case she launched me. Once she was completely sure I was serious, she was fine!

She even jumped the ditch without a hitch and was looking for more.

You know, I really like this girl. She doesn’t have the springs that Freedom has, but for him, every jump is an event. For her? It’s just part of the adventure and she’s always looking for more.

I left feeling like I could ask her to do a lot more . . . and the next day I incorporated a few more jumps into my trail ride. Then I did the same with Freedom. I guess I really need those eyes on the ground.

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  1. She came to me with the name Griselda, or Zelda for short. I also think of Zelda Fitzgerald and I think she’s far too glamorous to be a Griselda!

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