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I’m a big fan of hoof boots. For several years I kept Freedom barefoot and used hoof boots for hunting or trail rides on rocky terrain. I’m not against shoes, not at all. It’s just that barefoot is easier in many respects. But I’ve yet to find the perfect pair of hoof boots.  As a foxhunter, I ride through very varied terrain and often at speed. It is important to me that:

  • The hoof boots stay on. Getting a “flat tire” mid gallop is a bummer and it’s really hard to stop and put the boot back on while the rest of the field gallops off.
  • The boot provides traction. I don’t want my horse to slip while galloping or jumping.
  • The boot drains well. We frequently go through water.
  • The boot is easy to put on/take off. I’ve wrestled with a few boots that were almost impossible to put on after even a week or two of new hoof growth.
  • Has minimal hardware (I had Easyboot Epics for awhile and the cables could be problematic)
The Cavallo Boots look clunky to me but don't seem to bother Freedom.
The Cavallo Boots look clunky to me but don’t seem to bother Freedom. They are easy to put on. My only complaints are that the Velcro doesn’t stay closed when they get dirty and the boots occasionally turn on the hoof or come off.

So far, the best boot I’ve used is the Cavallo Simple boot. However, over time I found that the velcro stopped working well and they would occasionally come off or turn on the hoof. The fit got worse over time as the boots deformed in shape somewhat. Still, they were a good shoe alternative.

I came across the Scoot Boot website a couple of days ago and they intrigue me.

Scoot Boot
The Scoot Boot is a new design. It’s something I’d like to try.

At least in the images, they seem to meet all my criteria: they are easy to put on, appear to drain well, use almost no hardware (and have replaceable parts if something breaks). The only problem that I can see is that you have to order them from Australia. So, if you get the sizing a bit wrong, you can’t run over to SmartPak or Dover and try the next size up or down.

Has anyone tried these new boots?



3 thoughts on “New Hoof Boot Design

  1. These look similar to Renegades. I have used the Renegades for 2 years on my Morgan. We have been through a lot of water and rough terrain and some long gallops and they have been great. They are also made in the USA.

    1. Have you had any problems with the hardware on your renegades? that’s been my concern about them. I’ve heard of them breaking and it’s been difficult to get replacement cables, etc.

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