Worth his weight in gold

Sale horseLove this ad! I feel this way about my two.

Goes by “Honor.” Remarkably talented 17h gelding with an affinity for boyish cuts and scrapes. Has three gears: sleep, walk, and dragonmode. Very forward on the trail with mostly sufficient brakes. Easily amused with impromptu chew toys. Prefers rakes and halters to jolly balls, but will settle for a sleeve or garden hose if able. Avid sleeper, paddock lap racer, and sloppy eater. Has the motor of an Arab, the speed of a Thoroughbred, and the mind of Tom Sawyer. He is either an X-man with mutant regenerative powers or a vampire – diagnosis unknown. Prone to injury, immune to death. For veteran/athletic riders only as boyish outbursts of crow hops, bucks, and uncoordinated flailing of body sections makes remaining in the saddle problematic if not adventurous. Likes other horses. Other horses don’t really like him. Speaks human pretty well; doesn’t speak horse well. Overtly affectionate and envisions himself a lap horse. Potential buyer should avoid encouraging this behavior as it might prove lethal, albeit endearing. Beautiful mover when not sleeping in his hay pile. Loads and trailers like a champ. Tugs against the trailer when tied to it like a champ. Runs like a champ. Eats like a champ. Sleeps like a champ. Loves like a champ.

Firm at $22,338,929.25!

No haggling. It’s what he’s worth.

… his weight in gold.

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