California Chrome wins $10M Dubai World Cup

California Chrome won the $10 Million Dubai World Cup by five lengths today. It was an impressive run, especially given that his saddle had slipped so far back that the girth looks almost like a bucking strap.

California Chrome Dubai World Cup
California Chrome won the Dubai World Cup today, despite a girth that was so loose that the saddle had slipped all the way down his belly. Kudos to jockey Victor Espinoza for staying so balanced.

What a testament to jockey Victor Espinoza. Step a little too hard into one stirrup and the whole saddle could have gone.

With this win, California Chrome’s lifetime winnings reached $12.4 million, making him the highest earning racehorse in the US.


3 thoughts on “California Chrome wins $10M Dubai World Cup

  1. Wow, that girth looks pretty scary! I love this horse. I keep thinking there should be an old time match race between California Chrome and American Pharaoh. But first, we’d have to clone Victor Espinoza so he could ride both horses.

    1. I’m sure there will a computer simulation of the match race soon ;). Victor Espinoza is amazing.

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