Keep growing!

Freedom's broken hoof.
I knew it would happen soon. Freedom’s hoof has finally broken at the point of last year’s abscess. So far he’s staying sound on it (since this photo, my farrier has also cleaned it up). There’s not enough hoof wall to nail a shoe to, so I’m crossing my fingers, feeding a hoof supplement, and putting a hoof boot on it when I ride. Luckily it’s a hind hoof, so not carrying as much weight. My farrier and I discussed patching it or casting it, but as long as he stays sound, I think I’ll leave it naked. Since he lives outside I’m worried he’ll do more damage to the hoof if he rips off the “fix.”

3 thoughts on “Keep growing!

  1. Oh boy. They’re kind of like little children, always keeping you up on your toes and providing cause to worry …

    Fingers crossed his hoof heals nicely and he stays sound throughout!

  2. Yes they are! I keep telling myself when it first happened that it was only an abscess. And now I keep telling myself that it’s only a temporary problem. There are so many worse things it could be.

    1. Of course it could be many many worse things … but it could also be nothing, he could be a healthy, sound, happy horse that’s fit to ride whenever you both feel like it 😉 Sometimes life is not fair and it kind of saddens me that we have to settle for “oh, it’s not that bad, I can live with this kind of bad thing”.

      *crossing my fingers for a speedy hoof recovery* – best regards from Austria!

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