Michael Jung wins Rolex

Somewhere in the Rolex coverage over the past weekend  I saw the statement, “Michael Jung doesn’t make mistakes.” Maybe it was Jimmy Wofford, who said it, but Jung proved that statement true, winning his second consecutive Rolex on  Fischerrocana FST on Sunday,  finishing on a final score of 39.2. I’ve posted videos from all three phases because it’s hard to find someone who is so accomplished at every level of competition. Kudos to “Roxie” too, who was game enough to chase down those cross country fences in difficult conditions.

This  win puts Jung in contention to win the Rolex Grand Slam — a rider who wins Rolex, Badminton and Burghley in any consecutive order wins $350,000. Jung has already won Burghley and he’ is heading to  Badminton next week with La Biosthetique Sam FBW. So far, the only rider to have won the challenge is Pippa Funnel in 2003, who won at Rolex and Burghleyw ith Primmore’s Pride and Badminton with Supreme Rock.

Rounding out the Rolex field were Lauren Kieffer on Veronica, who finished second, Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair, who finished third,  Phillip Dutton who finished in fourth and fifth places with Mighty Nice and Fernhill Cubalawn. Boyd Martin took sixth on Blackfoot Mystery.

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